I am a wife of 26 + years and mother of four nearly grown children.  My family is working together to build a profitable farm where we can share food, family, friends and fellowship with Christ and each other. We raise pigeons, chickens, geese, ducks, and chinchillas (for pets, not fur). We also raise rats & mice for feeders for reptiles and raptors. I am writing this blog to record the journey of a first-generation farming family as we grow. This will be our fifth year planting crops. To God goes the glory we have lasted this long. He continues to bless us every day.

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  1. I wish you bountiful production in your farming endeavors – a noble and worth cause. I worked several years ‘Cowboy-ing’ in Arkansas. Herded cattle and chickens, built fence and chicken houses, cut, raked, bailed, and ‘bucked’ hay. “Up at the crack o’ dawn,” and all that stuff. I felt very close to God during that time. I will always have an affinity for “God’s country,” so to speak – love nature.

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    • Thank you so much! God is good! We have been farming for 4 years now, with patchy success until last year. We use permaculture gardening rather than traditional tilling & making the transition takes time as the soil ecosystem is repaired & redeemed. I will post about the process in the near future. We also have a website (speknerfarm.com).

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