Well, the keys were found! They are in Sacramento,  so I am going to ask that they ship them to me… cheaper than the fuel to go get them. I am so very thankful I don’t have to replace them! We are frugal people by necessity (though we would be by choice ), and I was concerned that it would be both difficult and expensive to replace the keys to our 1985 Mercedes station wagon. When our old Expedition died two years ago we had only one car that seated only five of us. The “Truckster” made family outings possible again. Now I only have to wait for their safe return.  I know it is not an earth shattering miracle to find my keys, but it IS an answer to prayer. And for me, it is yet another tender reminder that the glorious Creator cares for me enough to return my silly keys so I don’t feel guilty about fellowship with my dear friend and sister in Christ. If the sparrows and flowers receive His care, how much more do I, His child? Praising my God today!


Lost Keys

Well today was wonderful. I have a close friend who is a sales rep. for Renee’s Seeds and we hung out while she did her routes, catching up on life. We see each other often, but don’t always have time to discuss the deeper things. It was an all day thing, so I prepared everything…made my hubby breakfast,  handed out farm chore assignments to the kids, had them take care of their dad, even planned for them to make homemade pizza for dinner.  Bliss to be away, and I thought I had thought of everything. Then I got home (she drove) and now I can’t find my keys! Somewhere in all our journeys they slid out of my purse…sigh. If the guilt of being away all day with a dear friend wasn’t enough, now I’m  feeling like an irresponsible child.  I am praying they turn up when I finish calling around tomorrow.  I know I should not feel guilty about time away from home, especially with my dear friend.  It is good for my mental, emotional and spiritual health, and when I am healthy, I am better able to serve and love my family. It is just hard for me to let go of responsibilities. I just don’t want to disappoint anyone.  Unfortunately,  I have unrealistic expectations and end up disappointing myself and letting it steal my joy. I am praying my keys are found safe and sound … but if they are not, that I will still remember the joy of a day with my friend.